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Who is Abu Ubaida? Who destroyed three super powers



*Turkey protected Iron Dome hacker, isn’t today’s Abu Ubaida the same?

*A fourteen year old kid had hacked the Iron Dome and freed the Mossad.
*Mossad kept chasing that child for three countries, the success achieved after six years was crushed by Turkey.


Who is Abu Ubaida? Who destroyed three super powers



One voice of Abu Ubaida, millions of people on the streets


Abu Ubaida yesterday appealed to the people of Jordan to take to the streets. That Abu Ubaida whom no one saw, nor did anyone ever meet him,

Yet millions of people, crazy over his single voice, came out on the streets raising slogans like, “O Abu Ubaida, we are here, we will meet very soon.”



Turkey protected Iron Dome hacker, isn't today's Abu Ubaida the same


Sara Abdullah, who was released from Sahayuni prison

Sara Abdullah said. I am from Nablus i.e. West Bank, I was imprisoned by Israel for the last eight years, I am proud of Abu Ubaida, I love him, I love Palestine and Palestinians, I love Gaza and I love Al Qassam Brigade Chief, I also love Muhammad Zaif, as soon as he was released after eight years, the first thing I did was to prostrate myself and thank Allah.


Let us now know, who is Abu Ubda?



Abu Ubaida, the unknown personality who today remains the heartbeat of the Muslim Ummah, the personality who brought Israel to its knees, the Abu Ubaida who shocked the whole world, the Abu Ubaida who defeated half the world, including three super powers. He chewed the gram, that Abu Ubaida who pushed Israel back twenty years.




Friends, Israel and America have been searching for Abu Ubaida for the last 17 years, but both of those super powers failed, these two most powerful countries could not identify Abu Ubaida nor know his real name. Abu Ubaida comes on the TV channel for a few moments, and leaves after issuing his statement, after which there is an earthquake in the minds of the enemies of Islam, and cracks in their palaces. Whenever Abu Ubaida appears on the screen, alarm bells ring for Israel and America, not only the Islamic world but also the enemies of Islam are eager to know Abu Ubaida.


International Union of Muslim Scholars Issues Urgent Fatwa to Protect Gaza and Palestine



When Abu Ubaida was 7 years old, his entire family was murdered in an Israeli attack. Abu Ubaida was once seen in a Hamas procession in 2006, but like today, even at that time his face was covered. Let us tell you that even the people around him do not know the real name of Abu Ubaida, nor does any member of Hamas know it.


Friends, it is believed that the idea from hacking the Iron Dome in 2006 to laying a network of tunnels in Gaza Patti was all from Abu Ubaida. This is the reason why America and Israel’s defense system has lost billions of rupees in the search for Abu Ubaida for the last ten years, and searched the soil of many countries, but to find an ordinary person, the intelligence agencies of two superpower countries. Nothing came except failure. And Israel’s defense system, following the advice of Mossad, attacked Palestine, caused a loss of 150 billion dollars, the economy was ruined, and with the exposure of Israel’s powerful defense system, it went back twenty years.



Who is Abu Ubaida? Who destroyed three super powers


During the year 2014-15, a hacker was seen in Palestine who had completely hacked Israel’s defense system Iron Dome at a young age. After which there was a stir in the whole world, because at that time Hamas had attacked Israel by hacking the Iron Dome with the help of this boy named Omar. After this, there was no limit to Israel’s anger, more than its loss, Israel was looking for the boy who had hacked the world’s strongest security system. The hacker did not stop here, he hacked the Iron Dome once in 2016 also. After this, Mossad set out to search for Hacker Omar like crazy.


Israel Palestine war: Western Leaders’ False Justifications for Supporting Gaza Genocide



Omar worked for Hamas till 2017, when he got wind of this, he went to Istanbul, Turkey and started living. Mossad was aware of this, before that Turkey also knew that this boy whom Mossad is chasing is not an ordinary boy. Then the Turkish intelligence agency also started tracking Omar and started protecting him. Omar recognized the Mossad agents who came in disguise several times in a year, and then went from Turkey to Malaysia. Malaysia was not as safe for Omar as Turkey was. Within a few days, Mossad agents arrested Omar. And started torturing for information about how Iron Dome was hacked.


Because the Turkish intelligence agency had installed a tracking chip in Umar’s body. Therefore, Turkey released Omar within a few days. After which no one knows where Turkey kept Umar.



Who is Abu Ubaida Who destroyed three super powers


It is being told that Omar is Abu Ubaida, that is why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has visited Palestine the most, and Turkey’s name comes first in the list of those who help Turkey the most. It is being told that Omar was behind hacking the Iron Dome in the attack on Israel on October 7.



Before today, discussions about Mossad, films on Mossad, accolades of Mossad, cunningness of Mossad, strength of Mossad were discussed in every corner of the world. Today an ordinary boy showed the world that Mossad is nothing. It is just an illusion that the world has been placed in. Similarly, even today no one knows about Abu Ubaida, not even the chief of Hamas.”

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