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Nuh incident – Whenever the mob attacked the Mosque



In a portion of the premises of the Shahi Mosque, the Imam and his brothers’ households reside.

After the Nuh incident, the police have been deployed for the safety of the mosque.


Kaleem Kashfi says, “The administration and people round had assured us of protection. The police have been also present, so notwithstanding the worry, we stayed here with our households.”


There is a restrained population of Muslims in Sohna. There are selected Muslim homes around the Shahi Jama Masjid.


Majoritarian Political Agenda and Indian Muslims


Apart from the blended circle of relatives of the mosque’s imam, there are just a few scattered Muslims round right here.


The exact history of the Shahi Jama Masjid is not regarded, however searching at the building, evidently this mosque is centuries old.

According to Imam Kaleem Kashfi, this mosque was built on the orders of Alauddin Khilji.


This mosque with three large domes is constructed on a peak.


On one aspect of it’s miles a large dome with twelve pillars, and connected to it’s miles a building equivalent to a mausoleum, where the imam and his own family individuals reside now.


On Tuesday afternoon, round 1 o’clock, Imam Kashfi commenced receiving records that there might be an attack on the mosque.

He restricted his circle of relatives to their rooms.



Junaid-Nasir Killings showed how armed gangs attack Muslims, and the police watch.


Around 1 o’clock within the afternoon, some younger men attempted to go into the mosque, and the police chased them away.

Kaleem Kashfi says, “When two or 3 younger guys broke the mosque’s wall and entered, the police chased them faraway from there. We without delay knowledgeable the local police approximately this. The SHO arrived at the scene and dispersed the small group of youth who came to attack the mosque.”



Kashfi says, “But only a few minutes later, a massive crowd from the other side attacked the mosque. The police also have become helpless in front of them.”


When the crowd become advancing, Kashfi’s nephew Saadik was gift within the mosque premises.


As he noticed the gang, he closed the door of the restrained place. They had been looking the crowd attacking via the kitchen window of their domestic.


Riot in India - Whenever the mob attacked the Mosque


Saadik says, “We have been concerned approximately the women and children within the residence. After locking the door from the inside, we took them as much as the pinnacle of the dome so that the attackers could not see them. We had additionally locked the door from the out of doors so that the crowd could assume that nobody became interior.”



Saadik additionally made a quick video of the attack at the mosque thru a window. In this video, the attackers are visible vandalizing the mosque with guns of their palms.

During this time, the news of Imam and his circle of relatives being trapped in the mosque reached the local councilor Gurvachan Singh.

He straight away accumulated nearby Sikh youths and headed in the direction of the mosque.

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