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Collusion and Conspiracy: US Administration’s Role in Negotiations with Occupation Government Revealed -Hamas



Discover the shocking revelations of collusion between the US administration and the occupation government during negotiation processes, including CIA involvement and orchestrated tactics to undermine the Palestinian resistance Hamas.


Senior Hamas official to Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed:

“There is clear collusion between the US administration representative and the occupation government during the negotiation process. What happened since the Paris 2 meeting (on February 23rd) carried a conspiracy between the occupation government and the administration of Joe Biden.



CIA Director William Burns informed one of the mediation parties that Hamas must completely abandon any demands for the release of Palestinian prisoners from among the symbols of the resistance and those with high sentences, and that Hamas and the factions’ demands should not exceed benefits related to humanitarian aid.


The US negotiates on behalf of the occupation, not wanting the resistance to appear victorious by fulfilling its demands to complete a prisoner exchange deal, especially after the failure of occupation leaders to achieve any real gains other than bullying civilians with clear American complicity.



The starvation war imposed by the occupation government on the residents of the Gaza Strip, especially in the north, is coordinated fully between the American administration and the occupation government. The sides exchange roles during the indirect negotiation process, with what [CIA Director] Burns warns of being implemented the next day by the occupation army in the Gaza Strip.


The occupation’s massacre on Al-Rashid Street in Gaza, during the distribution of aid was with a green light from the U.S., aiming to pressure the resistance to make concessions at the negotiation table that would strip the Palestinian people, residents of the Strip, and the resistance of the gains achieved on October 7.



However, this will not happen, as messages from Gaza call for steadfastness and not making any concessions since the Gazans have not suffered more than what they have endured over the past months.


The movement is preparing its final response to be delivered to the mediators regarding what was received from the Paris 2 framework and subsequent negotiations in Doha.



The resistance’s insistence on releasing Palestinian prisoners and symbols of the Palestinian struggle from “israeli” jails is not a sectional demand but carries symbolic significance, enforcing the resistance’s opinion as victorious on October 7, something “israel” wants to erase with massacres and by emptying the ongoing negotiations of their content.


The resistance is committed to increasing the aid entering the Strip, reconstruction, relief for civilians, and a complete ceasefire.



The Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, is in good health. The movement’s leader is still managing the scene on the ground and is in continuous secure communication with the movement’s leadership abroad. What is broadcasted by the “israeli” and American media is primarily aimed at creating a gap through which Sinwar can be reached.


The condition of the Brigades on the ground in the field is very good. What the resistance lost of its strength does not exceed 20% of its material capabilities, and in terms of human losses, it is much less than what the “israeli” army announces.



The main body of Al-Qassam Brigades in northern Gaza remains intact and cohesive, and the movement’s administrative structures in the northern Strip areas try as much as possible to alleviate the burden on the citizens there.


The responsibility for rescuing the injured and elderly among the “israeli” prisoners does not fall on the “israeli” government alone but also on the American administration, which is fully responsible before the prisoners’ families for their lives. At the same time, Hamas and the resistance have made strenuous efforts to keep them alive.



Two of six prisoners holding American nationality are at risk of death. Their health is in danger due to the difficulty of providing sufficient treatment after they suffered severe injuries from the “israeli” bombing.”

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