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Who is free? The laborers of Palestine or the billionaire Elon Musk?



After Elon Musk visited Israel, Musk faced criticism from all over the world with the trend “#ElongotoGaza” in support of Palestine.


Imagine you are the richest person on the planet, a billionaire with all the wealth in the world. Now, despite your immense wealth, you feel tied to a system. Famous billionaire Elon Musk recently talked about the fact that money does not guarantee freedom.



Who is Abu Ubaida? Who destroyed three super powers


Musk proved with his visit to Israel that the freest community globally is the Palestinian community. Because contrary to their perception of the life of a billionaire, even as Elon Musk is the richest man in the world, he is bound by the system and unable to take decisions independently.


Despite the challenges they face, Palestinians are not slaves to any system. The Palestinian community has exemplified a unique form of freedom, by providing refuge to Jews rejected by the world.



Who is free The laborers of Palestine or the billionaire Elon Musk


As Israel cut off essential services including electricity, water, food, fuel and internet in Palestine, half the world turned to Twitter owner Elon Musk for assistance via Starlink. Musk’s recent visit to Israel sparked global discussion. Israel’s communications minister insisted that Elon Musk will not activate Starlink in the Gaza Strip without Israel’s approval.



The Palestinians had given shelter to hungry, naked, helpless Jews without Hitler’s help. Today the same Israeli sympathizers have occupied Palestine, and massacred millions of people, and Elon Musk, who despite his immense wealth, cannot go against the system and take a decision in favor of the victims. So tell me who is rich? Palestinian workers or Alon Mask?


Musk’s visit to Israel is being criticized around the world, as evidenced by the trending hashtag on Twitter, “Elon goes to Gaza.”





Dear Elon musk, heed this call and visit Gaza – Torah Judaism

“Palestinians don’t hate Jews, Christians and people of other faiths. They hate the occupiers.”


Dear Elon Musk, do not be afraid, go to Gaza. Hamas will not harm you, they will welcome you. Hamas won’t do anything to you because you haven’t killed any Palestinians. Hamas fights only murderers, thieves and occupying Zionists. Visit Gaza and see how the Zionist Israeli army destroyed an entire city by dropping tons of bombs.

Israel commits genocide in Gaza deliberately and indiscriminately. They killed thousands of children. They killed thousands of people.



Who is free The laborers of Palestine or the billionaire Elon Musk 3


The Palestinian people did not start this war. Zionists started this war 75 years ago. Have a little empathy, what would you do if someone came and usurped your land, your house, killed your children, took your registered property by force and said it was now mine?

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