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Strength, power and diplomacy: Qatar emerged as a world leader



Strength, power and diplomacy: Qatar emerged as a world leader
From Taliban, Iran, Egypt, Syria to Palestine

Qatar, a country with a population of just 2.5 million, is one of the richest countries in the world, boasting the fourth highest GDP and a per capita income of $124 million.


Qatar, famous for its important role in international diplomacy, has become the center point of Islamic resistance. In 2013, it made headlines by allowing the Taliban to establish a political office in Doha, a move that signaled its unique status in global affairs.



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The 2020 Doha Peace Agreement testified to Qatar’s effectiveness as it played a key role in bringing the United States to the table to negotiate a withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Taliban responded to the American conditions by saying that not even a single shoe of the American army would be taken back from their land, a condition that was maintained in the agreement reached in Doha.



Qatar’s diplomatic clout extends beyond Afghanistan, as evidenced by Qatar’s mediation in the exchange of five high-profile prisoners between Iran and the United States in 2022. The nation has left an indelible mark on global conflicts by contributing to the release of prisoners of war. Like ensuring the freedom of hostages in Djibouti, Syria and finding a solution to the political crisis in Lebanon.


Doha has become a second home to groups such as Hamas and Ekwanul Muslimeen, and Qatar’s reputation as a key player in Middle Eastern affairs is clear. The Western world recognizes Qatar’s power to influence the ceasefire, particularly clear in its vocal advocacy for Palestinian rights, while maintaining a neutral stance.



Egypt stumbled upon the table talk where only American-inspired demands were made and came back silently. In the end, by bringing these lobbies to its doorstep, it executed a ceasefire on its own terms. This strategic approach strengthens Qatar’s position as a global leader.


As a player in shaping the future of Islam, Qatar has emerged as a symbol of many hopes. Its unique diplomatic engagements and commitment to various global issues position Qatar as a global leader. Which makes it an important force in international relations.

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