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Israel is in a bad trap, Arab nations started the game. Will cause economic damage to Israel.



*Israel got trapped badly, Muslim nations started showing their true colors. Will cause economic damage to Israel, which is in debt of 150 billion dollars. israel, palestine, gaza, abu ubaida


*After the Israel-Palestine war in the headlines around the world, and the criticism of Arab countries, many shocking results have started emerging. Hidden Rustum turns out to be Arab country.



*It is clear from the actions of Muslim countries that Israel has massacred more than ten thousand innocent children and women of Palestine and will suffer the punishment for this mistake for many years.


*Many countries including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen have started breaking the bones of Israel.



*Israel’s heel-to-peak power failed, Saudi got the next presidency of the World Expo. Netanyahu fell face down.


*Turkey launches anti-tank guided missile four times more powerful than American missile, alarm bell for Israel.



*After Israel’s announcement of re-bombing, Abu Ubaida said, we are ready, we have prepared a more dreadful hell fire than before. There are four super powers with you, the Supreme Being is with us.


*Friends, intellectual readers of SD24. Today we will throw light on every point in this article.




Turkey, which has always been in the headlines, put Israel and America in trouble by making a missile four times more deadly than the American missile. It is being told that Turkey is also looking for an opportunity, because like Netanyahu, Turkey will not take any such step by breaking international law which will cause loss to Turkey in the future.


Turkey’s anti-tank guided missile ATGM has achieved a range of more than sixteen kilometers in testing. It has been made by arms manufacturing company Roketsan. The specialty of this missile is that it can be used for air, land and naval systems also. The weight of the LUMTAS-GM missile is forty-one kilograms, its length is one point seventy-two meters, and when fired from a helicopter, it can reach a target of sixteen kilometers and reach up to twenty kilometers.



On the other hand, Yemen’s Houthi rebels have dealt a deep blow to Israel’s economy by capturing two Israeli ships loaded with weapons, and in the future they have also revealed that they have captured Israeli ships illegally. Said that, until Israel stops bombing Palestine, we will break every bone of Israel’s economy and publish an X-ray report.


Saudi Arabia got the chairmanship of the world expo in 2030, Israel had made every effort to ensure that Italy got the chairmanship of the world expo in 2030, South Korea and Italy were included in the race for the chairmanship of this summit. Despite Israel’s strong presence, Italy received only seven votes while Saudi Arabia received 119 votes. Israel knew that Saudi Arabia was playing a game from within, that if it got a chance to take revenge, it would leave nowhere. But all the strength of Israel was reduced to nothing.



On the other hand, Netanyahu announced that after the end of the ceasefire, Palestine will be attacked again like before. Meaning American ammunition, weapons, Italy, Britain and Sweden will continue to attack together. Israel will also get thousands of billions of dollars in alms for carrying out attacks.


In response to Netanyahu, Abu Ubaida of Hamas said that we will protect the Palestinians at any cost, we have prepared hell fire for the Israelis. There are big super powers with Israel, and the Supreme Being is with us. We are ready for martyrdom. Until Palestine is liberated by removing Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.



As soon as he got wind that Russia’s Putin, China’s Jinping, Turkey’s Recep Erdogan, Korea’s Kim Jong are working on important plans, Netanyahu easily agreed to the ceasefire. It is being told that if Russia, Turkey and China mediate, the war can stop forever. But Israel, which has been committing atrocities on Palestinians for the last seventy years, will get a chance to commit the same atrocities again. Therefore, a plan is being prepared to find a permanent solution.


We can trust Turkey, but not today’s Saudi government, what do you think? Please let us know by commenting.

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