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International Union of Muslim Scholars Issues Urgent Fatwa to Protect Gaza and Palestine



In a latest fatwa, the International Union of Muslim Scholars has known as on ruling regimes and authentic armies, especially the ones from the neighboring nations of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, to urgently intrude to save you the genocide and mass destruction that Gaza and Palestine are dealing with.


The fatwa emphasizes that leaving Gaza and Palestine to suffer such devastation is considered a betrayal of God and His Messenger, peace be upon Him, and a grave sin within the eyes of God Almighty. This proclamation underscores the significance of military intervention as a spiritual obligation to protect the lives and nicely-being of the humans in these areas.



Preparation for a Case against PM Rishi Sunak and Interior Minister Suella Braverman in War Crimes


The International Union of Muslim Scholars in a latest fatwa

– The ruling regimes and reliable armies are required by using the Islamic Shari’a to interfere urgently to shop Gaza from the genocide and mass destruction.


– Leaving Gaza and Palestine to be annihilated and destroyed is a betrayal of God and His Messenger, PBUH, and is one of the finest sins earlier than God Almighty.

– Military intervention is a Shari’a duty specially from the 4 countries bordering Palestine: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

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1 Comment

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