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Preparation for a Case against PM Rishi Sunak and Interior Minister Suella Braverman in War Crimes



Human rights organizations are preparing a case against Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Interior Minister Suella Braverman, accusing them of supporting war crimes in Gaza and inhibiting the expression of freedom on Palestinian issues.


According to a report published in Middle East Eye, a legal center based in the UK has announced its intention to bring a case against British government officials regarding their alleged complicity in Israeli war crimes in Gaza.



The International Justice Center for Palestinians has issued a notice to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, stating that the UK’s military, economic, and political support for Israel, which has assisted Israel in committing war crimes, can be considered an endorsement of these crimes against humanity.


Israel completely destroyed 1290 houses, 17 mosques. 4 universities, 67 schools, 50 media houses



It is argued that Israel’s efforts to forcibly relocate over one million people in Northern Gaza to the southern parts of the enclave in less than 24 hours may be considered both war crimes and crimes against humanity.


The act of restricting Gaza’s access to electricity, food, water, and other basic necessities is seen as collective punishment, which also falls under the category of war crimes according to the Geneva Convention.



The notice from the International Justice Center for Palestinians implies that the continued support and assistance provided by Britain’s government officials means that they may be involved in possible crimes against humanity and war crimes.


Report : can bring devastation in the whole world, after Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine war



The International Criminal Unit of Scotland Yard has been sent the notice by the ICJEP, which is demanding evidence of war crimes in the region.


According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israel has killed at least 2,215 people during its bombing campaign in Gaza over the past week, including 724 children and 458 women.

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1 Comment

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