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Israel completely destroyed 1290 houses, 17 mosques. 4 universities, 67 schools, 50 media houses



Israel has completely demolished 17 mosques, obliterated 4 universities, and inflicted damage on 6 universities. They’ve razed 1290 houses to the ground and caused damage to nearly 11,000 homes. 84 hospitals have been rendered inoperative, along with causing damage to some of the 50 media houses, while dozens of civilians have been killed. The names of 67 schools have been erased. Entire neighborhoods have been obliterated, and Gaza lies in ruins.


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that any conflict involving cutting off water, electricity, and roads, targeting urban infrastructure, religious sites, and schools is not a war but a massacre. There is little left to identify in the major part of Gaza. Yet, even after this massacre, the world remains silent on Israeli terrorism, and it’s shocking when venomous snakes label Hamas freedom fighters as terrorists.



Israel has no legitimacy, no power, and no intelligence agencies; Israel is nothing more than a blackmailer and a terrorist. The Gaza Energy Authority has declared that due to a shortage of fuel, Gaza’s sole power plant ceased electricity production at 2 pm today.


Furthermore, it should be noted that Israel cutting off all power means that Gaza is now entirely without electricity. Several injured individuals are undergoing treatment, and in such circumstances, the lack of electricity is a major concern for the general population. It is certain that Gaza’s situation is deteriorating, and a disaster is unfolding.

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1 Comment

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