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Report : can bring devastation in the whole world, after Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine war



Can bring destruction to the whole world. After Russia, Ukraine, Israel-Palestine war, only a few devotees of India are enjoying, because their brains have gone down from their knees to their ankles. Due to hatred towards Muslims, they are not even able to see their own destruction. Dear, respected friends, readers, and subscribers of SD Twenty Four. Today we will know how dangerous war in any country proves to be for the world. So let’s move ahead.


Report can bring devastation in the whole world, after Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine war


The military conflict that suddenly arose in the Middle East within a week is enough to destroy the entire world’s economy, has the power to bring the entire world to the brink of starvation, and global stability is wavering due to the 75-year-old conflict that has been going on for seven days. It has started, because for the first time after the Second World War, the Russia-Ukraine war has started in Europe. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, millions of people have come to Europe as refugees. Due to the rising prices of oil and gas, Europe, America and other countries are struggling with inflation due to the currency being in circulation more than their business needs. The world, which was devastated by Corona virus and Russia’s attack on Ukraine in 2022, had not yet recovered, when this conflict in the Middle East has put the whole world in a long economic crisis.



Report  can bring devastation in the whole world, after Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine war


People are arguing for and against this conflict in the Middle East according to their ideology. By creating narratives and counter-narratives, they are proving truth as lie and lie as truth, but people are not understanding that if this conflict continues for a long time, then the oil crisis of fifty years ago will arise again, after which Europe and Asia will be in trouble. The economy of a country with a large population will be in trouble in the next ten-twenty years. Poor people in big countries will become victims of starvation, it will become difficult to get food grains due to shortage of oil and gas, there will be massacres for bread, crimes like theft and robbery will increase, half the population of big countries will become unemployed, some anti-Muslim devotees of India will It seems easy, because of hatred towards Muslims, the minds of those celebrating have gone below the knees to the ankles on Israel’s cruelty and the massacre of Palestinian Muslims.



ISRAEL VS PALESTINE- settler issues conflicts


People blinded by blind hatred are busy digging their own graves. When their eyes open, it will be too late. We appeal to all the people to pray that the war in the Middle East should end peacefully and the series of killings should stop, otherwise the economic crisis along with oil and gas will overwhelm everyone. And China will become a huge super power and stand in front of us. How did you like the information, what is your opinion about it? Please tell us by commenting.

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1 Comment

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