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Indian Company Slaps OIC in the Face with a Powerful Blow.



First, deliver the message of Palestine to Arab countries: Fifty Arab nations should remove the tag of Islamic state from their countries, as three hundred and thirteen enemies are more than enough for Islam.


While protests against the atrocities committed by Israel on Palestinians through Gaza are being voiced worldwide, where ninety percent of the world’s countries stand against Israel, where Christian nations America and Britain have been aiding the killers of Jesus, the Palestinians, for the past seventy years, the people of these supporting countries have taken to the streets in support of Palestine.



Israel completely destroyed 1290 houses, 17 mosques. 4 universities, 67 schools, 50 media houses


Despite witnessing all this, cowardly, deceptive, spectacle-loving, money-minded Muslim countries are merely making statements. In this scenario, a small company from the state of Kerala in India, which used to supply uniforms to Israeli police and military, has now put a halt to uniform supplies and slapped a powerful blow on the faces of Arab rulers, breaking their thirty-two teeth.




Let us inform you that Marian Apparel Private Limited Company from Kannur district in Kerala has been producing uniforms for Israeli police for the past eight years. A deal was made with this company about eight years ago. Since then, every year, this company has been supplying nearly one lakh shirts to the Israeli police.


In protest against the bombings carried out by Israel on hospitals in Gaza, the company has decided not to take orders from Israel until peace is restored in Palestine. They have also decided to cut down on business relations with Israel.



Amidst Israeli attacks on Gaza, the minister of Kerala announced the suspension of the work to make uniforms for Israeli police in a Kerala-based company, amid Israeli attacks on Gaza.


This company has taken a bold step against the oppressor by slapping a resounding slap on the face of the OIC members. Marian Apparel Private Limited Company said that they will bear the losses but will openly oppose the oppressor. For us, the lives and peace of innocent victims are far more valuable than money.



Fifty Muslim countries have not even stopped products worth ten to fifteen rupees made in Israel, revealing how lowly, deceptive, hypocritical, and greedy these rulers of Arab countries are. The modern Nimrods should drown themselves in a handful of water. It should be mentioned that in yesterday’s OIC conference, suggestions given by Iran were also rejected, making it clear that out of fifty-two countries, only fifty are doing business; they have no concern for Islam, Muslims, innocent victims, or peace.

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1 Comment

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