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Yemen Declares War on Israel: Escalating Tensions Toward World War 3?



The world is moving towards the possibility of a third world war. Yemen has declared war against Israel, launching ballistic missiles. Those who sell weapons have brought the world to a dangerous crossroads.


In a show of support for Palestine, Yemen’s Houthi armed forces have announced their involvement in a war against Israel and have launched ballistic missile attacks on Israel.



According to Al Jazeera reports, Yahya Sadi, the spokesperson for the Houthi forces, stated that this operation is the third one aimed at targeting Israel, and he issued a warning, saying, ‘As long as Israel does not stop bombing Gaza and Palestine, as long as it does not stop the massacre of innocent people, we will continue to attack Israel.’


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Yahya Sadi of Yemen, in a video statement, discussed the possible consequences of the attacks and stated that they do not care about the outcome. They stand with Palestine.


Yemen’s Houthi forces have confirmed that this is the third operation in support of their oppressed Palestinian brothers, a fact also covered by Al Jazeera.



It’s important to note that as the world silently watches the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the support of the United Kingdom, the weapons of the United States, the silence of the Arab nations, and Israel’s aggression are all pushing the world towards World War 3.


If Yemen continues its attacks on Israel, many Muslim countries may follow suit, leading to a confrontation between the world’s two superpowers, Russia and China, against the United States. This could pave the way for China to become the next superpower, with the world having suffered significant destruction in the lead-up to World War 3.



Despite the support of 140 countries against Israel and 14 countries in favor of Israel in the United Nations, the United Nations is failing to establish peace in Palestine. If this situation continues, the forthcoming time could be even more dangerous than World War 1 and World War 2 combined.

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