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Relationship : If they do this… They don’t like you!



Relationship : If they do this... They don't like you!

Relationship : If they do this… They don’t like you!

A reliable partner won’t ignore your tests, won’t talk to you for days, or leave you wondering if he’s going to show up, let alone hold your back.
2. You lack conversation topics.
Sometimes silence speaks louder than words, and when there is silence, love usually dies.
3. They always make excuses for not spending time with you.
When your partner starts spending more time at work and out with his friends and can’t find time to see you – you know you are no longer a priority for him.
4. They stop explaining to you.
When you’re not an important part of someone’s life, they won’t feel the need to explain their actions to you.
5. They hurt you and make you hate yourself.
When your partner is disrespectful to your needs, or even lies and cheats on you, they no longer care about your feelings and the pain you feel.
6. They are hot and cold.
One moment they are all around you, the next they are pushing you away. They play a game of hot and cold, and that means they don’t even know what they feel.
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