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What are uneven push-ups good for and how to do them ?



What are uneven push-ups good for and how to do them

What are uneven push-ups good for and how to do them?

Push-ups are a compound strengthening exercise that works multiple muscle groups at the same time. Your movements also involve two or more joints. By practicing compound exercises, you will gain the strength needed to perform common tasks such as picking out groceries or vacuuming. To perform a push-up, you raise and lower your body off the ground while maintaining a horizontal position. The uneven push-up is an advanced variation of the basic push-up that provides a more rigorous workout.
How to do an uneven push-up

When you do an uneven push-up, you trick the body into going low enough.
Find an object like a phone book, a bench, or a rolled towel, or if you’re an mbbs student, Robins or Harrison will work 😉 that’s 8 to 12 inches off the ground.
Get into a pushup position with one hand on an object and the other hand on the ground. Your hands should be about 12 inches apart. Keep your feet together. Tilt your head up, keep your focus straight and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Inhale through your mouth as you lower your body. Exhale on the way back.
When you reach muscle fatigue, raise your rear in the air and bend your knees slightly to relax. Straighten up and resume push-ups.
Switch sides by placing the other hand on the object. By performing uneven push-ups, you exercise the pectoral muscles, deltoids and triceps. When you go back to doing normal push-ups, your form should improve.

Tips for beginners:
If you can’t lift your body weight, do uneven push-ups on your hands and knees. As you get stronger, you can progress to doing push-ups on your hands and legs. Alternatively, use a spotter to support your ankles or calves while you do push-ups. Extending your arms to a distance longer than your shoulders makes the exercise more challenging.
Advantages of push-ups:
The shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body. You use your arms to lift, push, and pull objects. Compared to other joints, your shoulders are sensitive to dislocation or strain.


Doing push-ups strengthens
connective tissue and muscles in the upper body and helps you avoid injury. An uneven pushup allows for an overall better “normal” pushup performance.
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