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How can I focus and effectively reduce procrastination



How can I focus and effectively reduce procrastination?
This is the most common situation I encounter today. Two-thirds of working professionals have this interest and want a practical and convenient solution that blends effortlessly with their work and lifestyle.
So here I am going to share two very well researched and proven tools that have been most effective in promoting better focus, clarity and helping with procrastination.
Still, before we get there, it’s important to know that any tool only works if you align your heart and mind with it, and you don’t do it all at once, because when we try to follow something new and try to follow it. with 100% adherence we tend to fail or get disappointed much sooner because our body and mind are not used to it and therefore we don’t accept it and therefore 99% of the time we fail to stick to new habit forming goals including exercise, gym, new skills , reading a book, doing a certification program and many more.
So the first thing is to align your heart and mind on one thing and take small steps to incorporate into your new habit or goal, into your routine, break the goal in the smallest part and act on them consistently. (Most know this but don’t follow).
How can I focus and effectively reduce procrastination

Now, the tools, the first is goal mapping and the second is the cognitive nutrition that will fuel your activity to success.

Goal Mapping: Consistency makes this process easier What is Goal Mapping? It is to identify and complete what you want to do, that is your goal, to have only 2-3 priorities that complement each other with actions and results.
Just like you can read while you’re on the treadmill or listen to a productive podcast while you exercise, it provides two gratifications at once, firstly you feel proud of completing the exercise and you also spend some time reading during the day. This satisfaction increases your dopamine and also increases the alpha brain wave, which is associated with calmness.
When creating this map, be clear about what the outcomes will be and have a timeline, not too strict, have balanced and responsive deadlines. You’ll see that you’ll really have fun and improve as well.
Cognitive Nutrition: We all know about nutrition, but very few people know about cognitive nutrition, they are nutritional supplements that provide our brain with nutrients that help improve choline levels, stimulate alpha brain waves, increase neuron transmission, which is clinically linked to better cognitive performance and mood. And we don’t get these nutrients from our daily diet.
Do more research, it will be amazing for you.
To mention a few natural cognitive supplements that are clinically proven to support cognitive function are the following:
  1. Bacopa Monnieri
  2. Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  3. Alpha GPC
  4. Huperzia Serrata
  5. Green tea extract (L-theanine)
Make it a point to include these natural ingredients in your daily supplement routine. One very well researched and formulated natural cognitive supplement is Giver Nutrition’s Ultra Brain, it is formulated with 10+ active cognitive nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals to support improved cognitive function including focus, memory, clarity and energy. .
Ultra Brain was recently ranked #1 by The Best Reviews Team as a cognitive health supplement and is also recommended by experts in the fitness and nutrition industry. With over 12,000 active users, it has gained a lot of attention within the professional and athletic community.
I would like to thank you for reading this and I hope you find it useful.
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