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How to flirt girls? 6 easy ways to flirt with women



How to flirt girls 6 easy ways to flirt with women

How to flirt girls? 6 easy ways to flirt with women.

1. Use trust
If you are going to flirt, you have to be absolutely confident. Or at least play a role. And the beautiful thing about being confident is that you eventually start to believe in yourself.
2. Put your best foot forward
Something all girls love is a guy who smells good. If you know you’re going to be around the girl you’re trying to flirt with, wear some nice cologne
3. Keep things casual
Read the room and go with the flow. Remember, you’re not on a date, so it doesn’t necessarily matter if he’s still talking to you. After all, she’s not here specifically for you.
4. Use proper eye contact
When you hold eye contact for too long, you scare someone away.
Instead, break your gaze by looking at her regularly. After he looks back at you, smile and then look away.
5. Use body language
Lean into her. When flirting with a girl, lean in towards her. By minimizing the space between you, you are letting her know that you are comfortable with her.
6. Break the touch barrier
A good example of breaking this barrier is a light tap on the arm. Never with too much force. And sprinkle it along with some jokes or funny stories.
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