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How can I pursue a career as a financial analyst?



How can I pursue a career as a financial analyst

How can I pursue a career as a financial analyst?

To be honest, financial analyst is a really broad term. A financial analyst can work in Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Investment Banking and many others.
I will have to make an assumption here because I want to reach as many readers as possible. Of the above, the most sought-after field is investment banking. People try very hard to get into IB.
So it is not easy to become a financial analyst (if we are talking about the investment banking part). You’ll have to work hard + smart (in the right direction) to make the cut. What people often don’t understand is that there are certain skill sets that companies require before they will offer you a job in this field.
A job in core finance would require you to be well-versed in financial modeling (I know it seems like a fancy term. But this skill is as important on your resume as the cheese on your Margherita!)
You can learn this skill yourself if you want. Then you also need a lot of industry contacts to get a single interview invitation. Therefore, you might want to take such training formally through reputed institutes that provide specialized placement support after a course of 1 to 2 months duration.
If you are only looking for placements, then Wallstreet School can be a good choice as it is the only one that provides details about its candidates. There are also many verifiable testimonials listed on their website.
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