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Whose behavior shocked you today? Metro girl



Whose behavior shocked you today

Whose behavior shocked you today? Metro girl

The behavior of a girl named Rhythm Chanana, who is 19 years old, surprised me. You may have seen her before, either in person or on another platform. If not, let me give you some more information
Who is Rhythm Chanana?
Rhythm Chanana is a resident of Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab.
She is also taking a course at an acting school in Delhi and is sure that she is on her way to becoming a successful model.
In an interview with Aaj Tak Rhythm, Chanana said that she comes from a traditional family but does not get along well with her family due to her outspoken views.
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The outfit she chose to wear in the Delhi Metro, Rhythm Chanana’s Instagram page is also full of hot and bold pictures in revealing outfits.

Didi mentioned that she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions and doesn’t do it to get attention or followers. This statement touched my heart and made me feel that my country is developing. I was like “Awww Mera desh badal raha hai”. In today’s world, we all realize what we have to do to get noticed, especially young girls who look up to role models like Urfi Javed.
She also dismissed claims that she is inspired by internet sensation Uorfi Javed. “This choice didn’t come overnight, it’s a process. I also belong to a conservative family where I wasn’t allowed to do whatever I wanted, so one day I decided to do whatever I wanted because it’s my life. I have been traveling this way for many months. It has now gone viral. I was not allowed to travel on Delhi’s Pink Line, but I have not faced such a problem on any other line,”
What is your opinion on this matter?
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