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How To improve Testosterone Level ?



How To improve Testosterone Level

How To improve Testosterone Level

Avoiding porn & masturbation for 7-14 days will boost your testosterone and sex drive, and will improve your erection.
Doing cardio regularly improves your heart health and blood flow.
Better blood flow leads to harder erections.
Daily sunlight exposure (60 minutes) increases testosterone, leading to better sex and harder erections.
4. Zinc
Zinc deficiency leads to lower testosterone.
Get 25mg/day for more testosterone and harder erections.
5. Avoid alcohol
your testosterone, increases estrogen, lowers your sperm count.
6. Tongkat
testosterone 100-200 points. 400 higher testosterone and
harder erections.
7. Lose weight
Fat cells lower testosterone in your body.
Keep your body fat between 10-15% for optimal testosterone levels.
8. Quality sleep
Less sleep = Less testosterone
Sleep 7-8 hours at night for more testosterone and harder erections.
9. Bonus
Supplements for harder erections:
1. L-Citrulline
2. L-Arginine
3. Magnesium
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