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‘Rice Puller’ such a game of deception in which officers, politicians and actors have lost crores of rupees, now they harass the innocent.



'Rice Puller' such a game of deception in which officers, politicians and actors have lost crores of rupees, now they harass the innocent.

‘Rice Puller’ such a game of deception in which officers, politicians and actors have lost crores of rupees, now they harass the innocent.

The rice puller business is spreading rapidly in many parts of the country including Mumbai. In this, fraudsters collect huge amount by telling the benefit of crores. Its cases reach the police very rarely, due to which it is not completely controlled.

You might have heard the name of Rice Puller for the first time, but those who are associated with it have had their sleepless nights. And behind this, millions of crores of rupees have been wasted.

According to the traders of rice puller, the price of a rice puller is in crores. This racket of rice puller is spreading rapidly in many cities of the country including Mumbai.
Rice means rice, puller means puller of rice. This is called rice puller. Rice puller can be any vessel. It can be a coin or any kind of metal. The price of which rice puller traders tell Rs 200 to 500 crores. In this affair, those who dream of becoming a billionaire overnight, they get trapped in its trap and become poor.

Many people including some officers, politicians, actors have looted their hard earned money due to such businessmen of rice puller. In Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Telangana, this business of fraud has spread beyond the limits and many big people have become victims of it. If Mumbai Police sources are to be believed, then they have also taken big action in this matter.
In fact, when the traders of rice puller trap their prey by laying a trap, they tell him that some old metals like old copper lot, old coins or any such metal on which when the lightning falls, an energy is created inside it. Around which if we keep rice grains, then such metal starts pulling the rice grains towards itself. This metal is called rice puller.


It is said that the price of rice puller is in crores because such metal is rarely found in the world. Together, the black traders of Rice Puller say that the energy present in such a metal is used to make satellites, whose price is paid in hundreds of crores by organizations like NASA or BARC.
The black traders of Rice Puller tell their victim that they have a vessel that pulls the rice towards them, but a team of scientists comes to test it, which costs in lakhs which they do not have. If a person pays the cost of testing the rice puller, his rice puller turns out to be correct and is sold, then he will get an amount of crores, in which the person who spends lakhs of rupees for testing will get a share of crores.

In this affair, people invest lakhs of rupees and become victims of the rice puller gang. The editor-in-chief of SD24 News Network also talked to scientists about the energy produced in metals like rice puller. Who rejected such a claim outright and called it just a hoax. And on the other hand, the rice puller makers also contacted, what the result got, will tell in the next video.
Within the last two to three years, the police have arrested members of the Rice Puller gang in many states of the country. Last year, Delhi Police also arrested some members of the Rice Puller gang. A special dress was also recovered from them. Wearing this dress, the people of the Rice Puller gang claimed to test the metal so that the radiation emanating from it could be avoided.

We have run the news many times about how the Rice Puller Gang works and traps people in its trap and in our intelligence camera, many touts of the Rice Puller Gang were also imprisoned in our intelligence camera. In which businessmen, officers and some people are also included.
The police are unable to rein in the crooks who have spread in many cities of the country, because those who lose their money by getting caught in such rounds, do not tell anyone about it for fear of their slander. Don’t even file a complaint with the police. For this reason, the shop of those running the racket like Rice Puller is running indiscriminately and their people are becoming victims.

But action has been demanded from time to time by SD 24 News Network. Complaints have been made to senior police officers of many areas including Maharashtra, Telangana, Bangalore. For this we too had to face many difficulties and the enmity with the Rice Puller Gang has increased. People associated with this business can dominate us at any time.
This gang rice puller, two-faced snake, special wood climbing on the water’s edge, special species of owl, magic conch, special kind of glasses. These are many such names through which people bluff people to earn crores of rupees overnight. In the country, the members of this gang are laying their trap in the city city, due to which people need to be careful. They also keep posting videos of their exploits through social media.
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