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The day Zionist state Israel was founded was a dark day for Jews and Judaism



We do not recognize the Zionist state of Israel as a Jewish state. Israel is not a Jewish state, it is a Zionist state. The day Israel was founded was a dark day for Jews and Judaism. Torah Jews have been mourning the establishment of such a state since the day Israel was founded. Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, not Israel. We pray for the establishment of a free and fully independent Palestinian state.


There is a mass hunger in Gaza that has not been seen in recent history. Dogs eat human corpses on the street, people eat animal feces. Israeli soldiers poison bread and food waste and throw it into the streets! The situation is that dire. Hunger is used as a weapon in Gaza and this is a clear cause of genocide…





Jews took to the streets to stand against the Zionist occupation. Zionist Israeli police are interfering with the Jews. Jews are constantly fighting against Zionism and Israel because Zionism and Israel never represent Jews.


The Jews said, Israel is not our nation state! We are united against Zionism because we are Jews! Anti-Zionism is NOT Antisemitism: “Let us not be so ignorant as to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, because nothing could be further from the truth!” Anti-Zionism is NOT Antisemitism: Being anti-Israel is not Antisemitism. Being against Zionism is not Antisemitism. There are thousands of anti-Israel and anti-Zionist Jews in the world. Zionism is not Judaism. Being anti-Zionist does not make you anti-Semitic.

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