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America, France, Cuba, and Canada provided refuge to Jews expelled from Germany.



Explore the History of Jewish Refugees and the Humanity of Nations: A look back at how countries like America, France, Cuba, and Canada provided shelter to Jewish refugees during and after the Holocaust. Discover the resilience and compassion that transcended borders in this poignant reflection on a dark period in history.


After the Holocaust perpetrated by Hitler, the world turned its back on the persecuted Jews. This picture is from 1943, when the remaining Jews were driven out of Germany by Hitler, and no country was willing to offer them refuge. Countries like America, France, Cuba, and Canada, which are today staunch allies of Israel, had sent back ships full of Jewish refugees.



In the end, these people came to seek refuge in Palestine, and they appealed from their large ship with banners, saying, ‘Germany destroyed our homes and families; do not crush our hopes. We hope that the Muslims will support us.’ Palestine provided refuge to these Jews, offered them a new life, and gave them land, homes, and support, and the gratitude of these Jews is being repaid by every Palestinian.


Adolf Hitler, the dictator who exterminated more than two-thirds of the Jewish population by killing 6 million Jews, had once said, ‘I am leaving some Jews alive so that the world can see why I killed them.’



Today, the consequence of this is that the world is merely watching, and they are systematically exterminating humanity according to their agenda.


For the supporters of SD24 News, respected friends, viewers, and subscribers, it is not necessary to be a Muslim to raise the voice of Palestine; being human is enough.

Adolf Hitler had stated, ‘Whenever I begin to unravel the thread of a conspiracy and tear away its cover, I find a filthy Jew sitting behind those covers.’”

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