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How to make your wife happy ?



How to make your wife happy ?

How to make your wife happy ?

Wife has come to stay with you for life, all her happiness is related to you so give her true love and respect to make her happy. 

Because the difference between false and true love is understood by humans as well as animals and birds.
Treat your wife, her family members and her friends the way you would like to treat yourself, your family members and your friends.
Any kind of purchase you want to do, take interest in it according to your knowledge and help the wife in the purchase. 
Where the husband is not interested, the wife does not like to go to the market with her husband.

To please the wife, consider her as a friend as well as your boss to some extent, that is, do not shout at her or her family members, talk respectfully.
For the happiness of wife, do not lie to her, do not hide anything of any kind.
Lying or hiding breaks mutual trust. Before taking any important decision, please consult with your wife.
If there is a difference of opinion with the wife while doing a particular work, then accept your mistake even if it is not your fault.
Sometimes bring her a gift of her choice according to your pocket. Never forget his and his loved ones’ birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
When the health of the wife deteriorates, take care of her so much that she does not remember the parents.
On the day of the holiday, help the wife as much as possible in the household or outside work.
From time to time, you must praise the wife in some form or the other.
If the wife is fond of eating out or watching a movie or traveling, then try to fulfill her hobby according to your pocket.
In this way the wife can be kept happy with some of her efforts.
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