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What has life taught you?



What has life taught you

What has life taught you?

Be selfish If you keep on living for others, you may get heaven after death, but in this life people will take advantage of it.

  • Life should be lived with great care and planning.

  • Everything should be done on time and recognize the importance of time in life.

  • You can emerge from any situation, so just don’t give up.
Real success is only when you have all these three things together i) money ii) time and iii) strength. There was time and power in childhood but there was no money, in youth there was money and power but there is no time and in old age people have money and time but they do not have the strength to enjoy that money.

  • Don’t care too much about what someone thinks of you.

  • Success does not come only by hard work, it is very important to come to the world.

  • Be strong. The world is not for the weak.

  • Money doesn’t bring happiness but it does reduce your sorrows.
Study never goes in vain provided you live life wisely and make your studies abstract in life.
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