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6 Myths About Heart Health



6 Myths About Heart Health

6 Myths About Heart Health

Do men have more heart attacks than women?
Is coffee bad for the heart?
Don’t believe everything you read in the media.
Your heart needs good care.
Let me clear up 6 common myths about heart health:
1. “Eggs are bad for your heart”
Eggs only bring you benefits.
No study has been able to link egg consumption with cardiovascular mortality.
2. “Coffee is bad for the heart”
Studies say that caffeine has beneficial potential.
It stimulates vasodilation and reduces hypertension.
3. “Fats are bad for the heart”
It depends:
Trans fats are bad for the heart.
Unsaturated fats are not bad for the heart.
Saturated fats are not bad for the heart.
You can eat your eggs, meat, butter and bacon.
4. “Men have more heart attacks”
That was true in the past.
Women are increasingly stressed and exposed to risk factors.
This risk is even greater after menopause.
5. “Genetics determine whether you have heart disease”
The chances are really higher.
But it’s not a guaranteed thing.
Genes load the gun, but your habits pull the trigger.
6. “Diabetes is not curable”
Remission is entirely possible. That’s the medicine.
A low-carb lifestyle can manage your diabetes without medication.
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