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What do girls want in a relationship?



What do girls want in a relationship

What do girls want in a relationship?

Emotional protection. Some kind of assurance that this person will be there to listen, when things will get tough.
Feeling important. That I too am part of a relationship. He is not often mentioned.
Communication. When you are not afraid to tell him anything and when they are not afraid to tell their. Is it some kind of magic?
Time. If a man can take out 10 minutes of time a day to send you messages a day. He is not fit to date.
Vibe. How comfortable am I when I have someone standing next to me? Are you trying to pressure me in any way? I ask all this.
His positivity. What kind of power does a person display? He should not be bad about life in general.
Respect. He should respect the things I do. He should not humiliate me because I am a girl. He should not force his thoughts.
Commitment. If I give up time, I will have things to look forward to. I do not just recommend things. Not just my thing.
Integrity. It is the backbone of any relationship. Even If your men are attracted to beauty and still choose to Commit a lifelong commitment to that. He is.
Smiles. Happy days should be over. Relationships should be fun and not make you feel sad.
PS: I’m happy, I have someone who completes all 10 points. And I absolutely love him.

He clicked on the image and called me an angel

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