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I really want a boyfriend but I’m shy. How do I get a friend?



I really want a boyfriend but I'm shy. How do I get a friend

I really want a boyfriend but I’m shy. How do I get a friend?

Think about who you want. First: decide who you want to be in a relationship with and write it down. Use this list to narrow down your search and focus on guys you think you’ll get along with.
Make a list of potential guys who you know are single and find interesting.
Think about all the pros and cons of each guy: for example, one might be particularly cute, but maybe you don’t have that much in common with him. Don’t just go for looks, but think about who you will actually get along with and want as a friend.
Don’t be afraid to include guys you’re already friends with but would be interested in as a friend. He might feel the same way about you, but you might never know if you’re not spinning in that direction.
If you want to go out with someone new who you don’t know yet, think about what type of personality, physicality and intellectual type you are interested in. This way, you’ll know what you’re looking for when you meet new guys and know if they’re a potential boyfriend for you.
Get out and start looking. Have fun in places where people you like frequent – whether it’s a coffee shop, library, gym or beach.
Make sure you appear open and approachable, don’t have your nose buried too deep in a book in a coffee shop, for example, or get distracted by hanging out with friends.
Go places alone, dress to impress and try to catch someone’s eye with a look and a smile.
Cultivate an attractive attitude and personality. Appearance is not the only thing that attracts. Your behavior and attitudes can also be a turn on or off.
To be sure. Be brave and take the initiative to talk to the boy you are interested in. Confidence is an attractive quality, and if you try to pay attention to him, he’ll start getting hints that he likes you.
Play it cool. Don’t overdo it and be too forward or aggressive in your interactions, especially if your boy is a bit shy.
Try to make him feel comfortable and relaxed in your conversations by keeping things fun, light and open enough for him to move around on his own too.
Be sure to praise him often so he feels confident around you.
Try to keep the conversation two-way! You don’t want the conversation to be all about you.
Use good body language. Your mannerisms can go a long way in communicating that you are available and interested in turning your friend into a friend.
Subtly play with your hair during the interview. This signals availability while drawing attention to your beautiful locks.
Sneak glances at him from across the room and maintain eye contact during the call.
Touch his arm occasionally during conversation to get his attention and show that you are warm, friendly, and physically fond of him.
Ask him out. Don’t wait for him to do it! You can take the lead as a modern, empowered girl and ask him yourself.
Verbalize your feelings clearly by telling him that you are interested in him as a friend and that you would like to go on a date this weekend.
If she says yes, success! You have a date and (probably) a boyfriend.
If he refuses, don’t despair. If he doesn’t love you, he wouldn’t be fun to date anyway. Go to someone else—- there are plenty of other guys out there and at least one who will kick you for you.
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