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Shahid Kapoor has sex with his wife in the car ?



Shahid Kapoor has sex with his wife in the car

Shahid Kapoor has sex with his wife in the car ?

Mumbai : Some couples in Bollywood are a good example of what love is. One of them is actor Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Kapoor (Mira Rajput). Shahid and Meera have been married for seven years but their love has not waned. The two of them always nurture their relationship.
Although Meera is far from the center of attention, she knows very well how to gain fame. Mira once made a big reveal on National TV about her and Shahid’s sex life.
In director Karan Johar’s show ‘Cafe with Karan’, Meera shared many things about her private life with everyone. Mira also talked about her sexual relationship with Shahid, which surprised everyone.
To Karan’s question, Mira replied that she had sex with Shahid in the car. When did Shahid ask this? Which Meera didn’t say anything.
As for Shahid and Meera’s relationship, they have a son and a daughter. Shahid always takes time out of his busy schedule and makes time for his family.
Also, Shahid and Meera are constantly sharing their love with their families by posting photos on social media. Many photos and videos of Shahid and Meera are going viral on social media.…………video
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