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Why is the Bollywood boycott trend targeting the recently released film ‘Pathan’?



Why is the Bollywood boycott trend targeting the recently released film 'Pathan

Why is the Bollywood boycott trend targeting the recently released film ‘Pathan’?

The boycott trends starts once after the release of a song from the movie Pathan with Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone etc. As Deepika and Shah Rukh are both featured in the first song of the mega star cast Bollywood movie – Pathan. The song attracted a lot of attention in both positive and negative ways. Meanwhile, a controversy erupted in Madhya Pradesh when the state’s home minister criticized Deepika’s outfit, which was a saffron colored bikini. He appealed that the film should be boycotted, he said, and members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, who claimed that the song and its imagery offended Hindu sentiments and were gradually spreading across the country.

It seems that many other police officers, religious preachers, communities, social activists and critics expressed their views on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, instagrm, Youtube, news channels, web portals, especially protesting against Deepika’s bikini outfit together using saffron color. costume in this song titled – “Besharam Rang”. On the other hand, several other celebrities, cops, say it’s about freedom of expression through movies, so they’re resisting the boycott trend. Some states boycotted the films to run in their cinemas as well. Infact media houses have become a hot topic these days by creating reactions from the public all over India these days.

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