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Al Qassam used US bombs to destroy 5 Israeli tanks!



“Al Qassam fighters were able to destroy 5 #IDF tanks, kill and injure all of their personnel after reusing two 2-ton bombs that the #Israel army fired towards the homes of the innocent people but they did not explode. The Qassam fighters planted them on the path of the occupation’s advancing vehicles in the Jabalia al-Balad area, and as soon as the vehicles arrived at the place, the rockets were detonated.”




The Qassam fighters recycled these bombs known for their tremendous explosive power – and used them against the occupation tanks. Video: This is an unexploded missile. The Israel Air Force dropped it on a shelter school, and there are many others. Journalist says: – This is one of the schools that shelters displaced people, we found dead bodies here and a lot of destruction – This is one of the Israeli rockets that was being shot at such schools, 2 meters long – In a school sheltering displaced innocent people, no mercy for civilians and innocent

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1 Comment

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