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To correct the lies of the media, Lift this barbaric siege on our people -Hamas



Explore Hamas’ statement on the situation in Gaza, as of October 13, 2023. Learn about their strong opposition to Israel’s actions, the global support for Palestinian rights, and their unwavering commitment to the fight for freedom and dignity.


Hamas once again firmly rejects forced evictions from our homes. We vehemently oppose Israel’s campaign to displace Palestinians from Gaza. Our resolute commitment is to resist Israel’s ethnically-driven cleansing in Gaza and prevent another Nakba at all costs.



We strongly condemn the extraordinary and brutal attempts to forcibly remove Palestinian residents from their homeland. Israel has publicly declared its intention to commit genocide against Palestinians. Backed by Western governments, the Zionist entity has initiated an intense bombing campaign, dropping over 6,000 bombs on Gaza in the past week.


Tragically, nearly 500 Palestinian children have lost their lives due to the devastating bombings by the Zionist entity (Israel). The Zionist entity has targeted mosques, churches, educational institutions, residences, and medical facilities with bomb attacks, while wrongfully labeling our people as terrorists. Today, we have witnessed millions of people in the Arab and Muslim world showing solidarity with the courageous Palestinians in Gaza.



We express our heartfelt gratitude for their unity and urge them to march to the borders and play a role in this historic moment, which promises the restoration of our freedom and the dignity of all Arabs and Muslims. Those residing in Western countries must also exert pressure on their governments to withdraw support from Netanyahu and his oppressive regime. To combat media misinformation, we must lift this inhumane siege on our people.


The actions of the Zionists are inhumane, unprecedented, and barbaric, and violate all the laws and treaties that so-called free and democratic countries claim to uphold. However, our determination remains unwavering. We will not abandon our legitimate struggle for freedom and self-determination. We will either live with honor or fight to the death.

– Izzat al-Rishq
Member of Hamas’ Political Bureau

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1 Comment

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