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What is wrong with modern Indian society?



What is wrong with modern Indian society

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What is wrong with modern Indian society?
A close relative of mine was looking for a bride for their son. My father’s friend introduced them to a family that had all the qualities Indian parents considered when marrying their children. Yes, for Indian parents (leaving exception), if the family has land and money, their social status is high, the son has a government job, the daughter is beautiful and able to cook, and the separation factor is imminent. then their daughters and their sons would be the happiest people who ever lived.
But the discussion on the tradition of arranged marriage in India is an endless topic so I will be saving it for another day.
So I go back to my relatives.

A girl was found. Dad’s friend (who was the mediator) sent him a picture of himself.
He had all the qualities a boy’s family needed-
He was tall and thin
He was right
He graduated
He was unemployed
He spoke softly
She could cook
He was rich
(His family was ready to spend lakhs and lakhs of money)
His father held a prominent position in society.
He owned a large house with a big car and a lot of land.
So a reunion was arranged between the families and he was rejected.
And they stayed immediately. We will keep quiet for months until the other side gets frustrated and continues.
Now you may wonder who in the world would reject a person who has all the qualities that a person once wanted?
So my father asked them why they had not shown interest. They say
She had light brown eyes. Girls with such eyes create problems for foreigners and have no control over them.
I had a heart attack and bleeding from the brain when I heard this.
So they rejected him just because his eyes were red. Yes, this truth covered every aspect of his personality.
Soon in 2022, she married a young scientist and those relatives are now busy with rejection.
So what is wrong with Indian society today?
Superstitions that we still carry today.
India, a country where culture breathes comfortably close to world technology. We find ourselves in a place where the two meet, sometimes unsettled, sometimes unconscious. As a result, there are times when we may question the old habits, while others may unwittingly adopt them. It is really important to ask in order to prevent the slightest deterioration of our society from the chaos but it is also important to look for answers and accept the answers that others may get.
Many attempts have been made to prove that the customs we call superstitions were at times carefully considered in scientific practice. Over time with the development of the hierarchical society, this knowledge became more and more widespread and eventually spread only to cultures and not to the thought behind it.
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1 Comment

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