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How do I learn to sell myself?



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How do I learn to sell myself

How do I learn to sell myself?

Selling yourself requires walking the line between humility and arrogance, otherwise known as confidence and self-assurance. Whether you’re talking to investors, holding a job interview, or explaining your company to a stranger, you need to know how to sell yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, others probably won’t either. Here are my top tips for learning how to sell yourself.
1. As a product, separate you as a person. When selling yourself, focus on your strengths and excellences. What parts of yourself have you idealized? Which parts are you proud of? If you’re lost, ask a few trusted friends and peers for their opinions. Focus on these and put them front and center as you sell yourself. No one is perfect all the time, but you can be during a presentation or interview time.
2. Develop trust. It’s easy to feel good about yourself when you do something great or something goes well at work or home. This trust is a little harder to maintain when things get rough or someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Those who can sell themselves well can thrive and stick to a stable level of trust. Like anything else, confidence and a positive mindset must be practiced every day. This will help people feel the same way about you, laying the foundation for self-confidence and self-confidence.
3. Be proactive and persistent. Don’t wait for others to approach you. Whatever your industry or goal, there are probably hundreds or thousands of people aiming to do the same thing. Don’t rely on others to reach out to you or be magically interested in your offering. Reach out to people, tell them what you’re about, and don’t stop. Be annoying if necessary. The squeaky wheel gets grease, and that’s incredibly true when it comes to selling yourself.
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