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What are some ways in which you can learn to love and be loved ?



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What are some ways in which you can learn to love and be loved

What are some ways in which you can learn to love and be loved?

Tim Johnson encouraged me to post my comments about learning from cats user feedback What are some ways to learn to love and be loved? about dogs as an answer in itself for others to consider. In the comments I suggested:
I would argue that there is justice in imitating a cat as well. The ideas expressed in Alia’s response here seem very popular, playing a solid role. Yet few people really appreciate these things when they find them in others. People tend to draw on other traits that often contradict each other when choosing a partner. My hypothesis is that a cat person (someone who has learned from a cat) can be a good dog-human partner, they will be able to appreciate the said dog qualities instead of missing them by looking for something mythical. the tale tells them to watch.
The cat person is independent enough not to question the honesty and enthusiasm of the human dog. He will use the opportunity to do things on his own and in doing so he will give the dog person time to develop himself and then the dog person would not be inclined to take it.
The cat person has things to do and appreciates support (and can be suppressed by criticism), while by his example he encourages the dog-man to pursue his interests and support him in those interests (cats often give each other a bath).
When a cat cat shares with others its time, it is done honestly, because it values ​​the dog-person, not because of any social or reciprocal obligation. This means that the connection you have is real, not generated. Love for a person, not the idea of ​​being in a relationship.
The cat usually (although not always, and in its own terms) enjoys accepting your preferences and attention. He does not take these things lightly but does not need them. He is not addicted to them but will happily escape if possible.
Being independent, a cat person cannot be deceived by hypocritical dog behavior. He has his own ideas about how things can and should be. He is open to new ideas but is not moved without concrete evidence. He values ​​the examples set by others in addition to teaching the theory that can benefit other people by the power of his will.
And a cat person can share important qualities with a dog-person. Independently, cats also have a few expectations: food and a clean trash can will suffice, some is just broth. The cat person shares dog-man tolerance, he rarely complains unless things get really bad. And yet the cat-man does not take himself personally or hold grudges. Your will has been accepted as soon as it was before.
If you want to see and appreciate a dog-human spouse when he arrives, read the cat, even.
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1 Comment

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