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Chronology! This is new India. New methods of crime against Muslims in this new India.



Wasim Akram Tyagi
Understand chronology! This is new India. In this new India, the methods of crime against Muslims are also new. First, a route for any ‘religious yatra’ is prepared through Muslim localities, then ‘religious protectors’ trained from organizations like Barangdal are inserted into it. The journey begins. The DJ plays loudly and provocative slogans are raised, the yatra reaches Muslim localities, the provocative sloganeering and the noise of objectionable ‘songs’ are a conspiracy to instigate Muslims. A dispute occurs, then the dispute turns into a clash and the matter reaches the point of stone pelting. After that curfew! ‘Religious pilgrims’ reach their homes safely.


Now the series of administrative crimes against Muslims begins from here. The fine houses built on the main road around the area where the dispute took place are identified in advance. Then a member of that house is accused of creating a nuisance or ‘harboring’ miscreants and sent to jail, and the house is declared ‘illegal’ and bulldozed. In this way, ‘protectors of religion’, waving swords and shouting provocative slogans, are saved from getting caught in cases on charges of riots, and people of ‘other’ communities go to jail in cases on charges of rioting, a large part of their hard-earned money goes to the police, The expenses are spent on lawyers’ fees in the court, and if the house has been bulldozed, then the question of getting their life back on track arises before them. In this way, the ‘snake’ is also dying and the ‘lathi’ is also ‘safe’ due to the stick handed over to the administration by the government of the party that gave the slogan of ‘New India’. Bulldozer’s ‘justice’ is a new way of terrorizing Muslims in this new India. Till now, in all the disturbances that have taken place during ‘religious yatras’, action ranging from arrests to bulldozing has been taken against people of ‘other’ communities only. Is it possible that everything is one-sided?



The latest case is from Shajapur in Madhya Pradesh, where a religious yatra was taken out on January 8. It is alleged that when the yatra reached near the mosque, stones were pelted at it. After this, BJP MLA Arun Bhimavad along with his supporters gathered in front of the police station and gave a speech and assured to run the bulldozer, then what. How is it possible that the MLA of the ruling party assures to run the bulldozer and the administration does not run the bulldozer? Implementing the MLA’s ‘order’, the administration demolished Rahim Patel’s house calling it ‘illegal’. The MLAs are also happy, the people who elected them are also happy and the ‘protectors of religion’ are also happy! Who will tell the MLA that he is the MLA of the entire people of the assembly constituency, who will teach the lesson of the Constitution to the administration? Who will remind the officers that before assuming office they have taken an oath to work without attachment or hatred? When terrorizing the ‘other’ society becomes the ladder of progress, then what kind of oath and what kind of constitution is it? Do not know SupremeCourt When will he understand that the bulldozer is definitely running on ‘Rahim’s’ house but the foundation of the court is becoming weak.

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