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Karnataka: ‘Bajrang Bali blessed, will ban Bajrang Dal’, says Congress MP Imran Pratapgarhi



Karnataka: ‘Bajrang Bali blessed, will ban Bajrang Dal’, says Congress MP Imran Pratapgarhi

Congress MP Imran Pratapgarhi thanked the people for the victory of Karnataka. Also talked about banning Bajrang Dal.

The picture of Karnataka assembly elections has become clear, where Congress seems to be getting absolute majority. In such a situation, there is an atmosphere of celebration among the party workers from Bangalore to Delhi. Meanwhile, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Imran Pratapgarhi has spoken of banning Bajrang Dal. He claimed that everyone who believed in Bajrang Bali to Sufi saints voted for the Congress.

Imran Pratapgarhi said that this is the effect of the Bharat Jodo Yatra done by Rahul Gandhi. The people of Karnataka do not like hatred, in such a way they rejected BJP. We have got the blessings of Bajrang Bali, if we win the election, then Bajrang Dal will be banned.

While tweeting on this result, he wrote that BJP tried to turn Karnataka into a laboratory of hatred. Issues like Hijab-Halal were raised, in the election campaign the Home Minister openly shared hatred for Muslim reservation, but the public rejected everything. Shops of love have started opening and shutters of hate shops are closing.


Controversy happened because of Imran

In fact, when the process of Karnataka elections was going on, UP’s mafia Atiq Ahmed was murdered. Imran Pratapgarhi was close to him. Meanwhile, the Congress released the list of star campaigners. In which Imran’s name was. According to sources, the state unit was angered by this as the high command did not talk to them about it. However, this had no effect on the election.

Promise to ban Barjang Dal

During the election campaign, the Congress raised the issue of Bajrang Dal a lot and compared it with the banned organization PFI. The Congress had promised that it would ban the Bajrang Dal as soon as it came to power, however later when the controversy escalated, its leaders turned around. He said that such a thing has not been written in the manifesto. BJP also tried to capitalize on this issue.


Jumman mian you don’t need to be too happy, Modi has deliberately made his pad worker win to fool idiots like you.!

If my words are not true, then tell your boss to fulfill the promise you had made to ban Bajrang Dal organization.?

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1 Comment

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