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Congress is a mega shopping mall of hatred towards Muslims



Congress is a mega shopping mall of hatred towards Muslims


Friends, nowadays we are able to inform you sixty latest small incidents of some vintage large incidents, after that you will recognize that Congress is not a store of affection, it’s miles a mega shopping mall of hatred.


Congress Manifesto and Banning Hate Speech: Case of Karnataka



You all could recognise that inside the month of last April, 3 human beings were killed in communal violence in Biranpur village of Chhattisgarh. Among the ones killed in Biranpur of Bemetara district, were Muslims and one Hindu.


Congress is a 'mega shopping mall of hatred' from Muslims

Rahul Gandhi’s Congress leader minister Bhupesh Baghel at the 0.33 day after the homicide of Bhubaneshwar Sahu introduced Rs 10 lakh and a government activity to his family.

But the Muslims killed in the same revolt, Rahim Mohammad and his son Eidul Mohammad, have been no longer given reimbursement. Neither gave any kind of remedy nor made any declaration. Rahul Gandhi’s Congress authorities is silent at the query of reimbursement to Muslims.



Indian Democracy, Electoral Politics and Election of Congress President


Congress has always left no stone unturned to annihilate Muslims, this is, within the last seventy years. According to the reports of presidency and corporations, 87 thousand riots came about for the duration of the Congress rule, in which heaps of Muslims had been killed, hundreds have become homeless and lakhs have been ruined. According to the India Today file of 2005, 52 thousand innocent Muslims have been lodged in jails, on whom cases have been registered underneath many extreme sections, in the final 10 years, hundreds of Muslim youths were launched via the reputable courts for now not getting any proof in their old age. Is. Thanks to Indian courts.

Congress से पूछो दो सवाल सात पीढियां नहीं दे पाएगी जवाब, पता है क्यों ?

There are many such cases which everyone knows however does no longer be aware of. The Congress itself constituted the Sachar Commission and informed that the condition of Muslims has worsened inside the final seventy years. What extra evidence do you want than this?


Recently, Rahul Gandhi of the self-proclaimed Muslim-friendly Congress, who calls himself a sympathizer of Muslims, is presenting himself as a Muslim-pleasant chief in the global via speaking approximately the oppression of Muslims in India in his fluent speech in America.


Rahul Gandhi ने संसद में रहकर कौनसा तीर मार लिया जो होने पर …..


They had been giving slogans that “Congress is opening a shop of love” whilst Congressmen were “mega shopping mall of hatred” because the start.


This is the same shape of Congress’s womb and lap, when Congressmen cannot prevent riots, violence, cannot provide repayment for the dying of a Muslim, then what is the usage of balloting for them.


Muslims ought to produce their very own leaders, till whilst they may permit a communal Congressman like Baghel to revel in the electricity after prevailing the Congress.

Congress will again come to power and could start making India’s image right abroad but will keep to create riots in India and fortify the roots of communal environment.

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