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Absence of important leaders in the G20 Summit India being held in India



Friends, our intellectual readers, today we have brought for you an important information regarding the G20 Summit India going to be held in India. Who will come to this conference and who will not? What will happen and what not? What did Xi Jinping say? What are Erdogan and Putin going to do? And what is the message from Crown Prince Bin Salman from Saudi Arabia? So stay with us till the end.


US President Biden said that he is very angry that Chinese President Xi Jinping will not come to the G-20 summit starting from Saturday in India. The US President said that he is very keen to meet his Chinese counterpart. . And he hopes that in November he will definitely meet Xi Jinping at the meeting of leaders of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) being held in the American city of San Francisco.



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China has also confirmed this and said that Xi Jinping will go to America to attend the APEC meeting. Let us tell you that people of Biden Administration were trying to organize a separate meeting between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden in Delhi for the last one month, but China was silent. Last week, China informed American officials that the Chinese President would not come to India. China’s Prime Minister Li Kiang will participate in place of Jinping.


Absence of important leaders in the G20 Summit India being held in India

Now this G20 Summit India being held in India seems to be a conference of western leaders and not a global conference. Because the world’s big leaders Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China are not participating in this conference. It is being told that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia will also not attend, but this has not been officially confirmed. And there is no news about Europe’s strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan.



To understand the changed world, the G20 Summit in India can be understood. Ten years ago, wherever Europe, America, Canada reached, that country considered itself blessed, then there was not even a discussion on who came and who did not come. But today America, Europe, Canada are all coming to India. But people are discussing about China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, meaning simply, today China, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be with whom. It will find itself stronger in better conditions, and here again India’s diplomacy seems to be failing.


Two big leaders of the world are not coming to this conference, and this conference is becoming a conference of western countries, do these two big leaders want to give this message to the world? That the world has been divided into two parts? Are China and Russia trying to portray our country as a country of the Western camp? And are you keeping distance from our country? If there is something like this, then what will be the consequences, please tell by commenting.

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