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Three big conferences in one week ACS 23, ASEAN and G20 Summit in New Delhi #sd24_news #acs23 #asean #g20



Friends, our intellectual readers, today we are talking about three big conferences taking place in the world this week: A.C.S. 23, will review ASEAN and G20 Summit in New Delhi, will try to know where the world politics is turning. So stay with us till the end.


This week three big conferences took place in the world ACS-23, ASEAN and G-Twenty,


African Climate Summit.

African Climate Summit i.e. A.C.S. 23 happened in Nairobi. African countries held the first African Climate Summit in Kenya’s capital Nairobi from 4 to 6 September. Kenyan President William Ruto presided over this first conference, in which Presidents, Prime Ministers and other officials of 57 countries participated. Africa demanded solar energy worth 40 billion dollars from the countries of the world. In which the President of U.A.E Abu Dhabi announced an aid of 4.4 billion dollars. From now on, every two years, ACS will be organized in an African country. And renewable solar energy in Africa will be reviewed.



What did Europe’s uncrowned king Erdogan say in G-20 summit India ?

G-20 : Country’s progress is impossible without Muslims. 8 Muslim nations in the conference of 20 countries.


ASEAN Summit in Jakarta.



The ASEAN conference of the countries of South Asia was held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, from 5 to 7 September. For the first time, Burma did not participate in this, because the military ruler of Burma was called A.S.E.A.N. The leaders did not fulfill the conditions given two years ago.


Nine out of ten ASEAN countries and many world leaders participated in Jakarta. And gave a speech. This time, for the first time, Papua started the process of making Guinea a future member by giving it observer status. The economy of ten ASEAN countries is more than 10 trillion dollars.



Three big conferences in one week ACS 23, ASEAN and G-20 #sd24_news #acs23 #asean #g20


G20 Summit in New Delhi:


The G-Twenty conference is being held in the Indian capital New Delhi from 9 to 10 September, in which heads of state of 15 countries are participating. The presidents of Russia, China, Spain and Mexico did not participate.
The meeting of G-20 leaders was started after the recession of 2008. So that the world economy can develop and problems in mutual trade can be resolved. The theme of the G-20 conference being held in India this year is One Earth, One Family, One Future. But unfortunately, for the first time after the Second World War, the Global Family became useless and disintegrated in the world.



This G-20 conference being held in India is becoming a G-7 conference of European leaders for the first time. We do not see any scope for peace in the world or improvement in the economy from this conference. Because oil producing countries Russia and the Middle East are using oil as a weapon. Two to five people are being killed every day in Ukraine and Palestine for two years. But America or European countries are only giving weapons, no one is talking about peace.

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