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Tigray Massacre: Thousands of teachers, students, women killed, millions homeless



SD24 News Network Network : Box of KnowledgeTigray Massacre: Thousands of teachers, students, women killed, millions homeless why silence in the world?

Atrocities on TIgray community, misbehavior with women, killing of teachers in schools, are not taking the name of stopping even today. Every day some new news keeps coming out. Is the conscience of big countries dead? Has United Nation, Human Rights now remained in name only? Has America Got Cataracts? The oppression that has been happening on the TIgray community for many years is not visible? Many such questions have started taking birth.

Atrocities, persecution, genocide on Tigray tribe in Ethiopia continues even today

Public is now taking support of social media, it is being told that international stream media is also refraining from writing and speaking on Tigray massacre. The general public of the whole world, including Ethiopia, is raising questions, the United Nations is presenting a report, giving statements, organizations like Human Rights are presenting reports, local organizations, local media are also continuously bringing the oppression to the world, despite The oppression being done on its Tigray community is not reducing.

Tigray Massacre: Twitter Deaf, World Dumb, UN Silent?

Recently, the Ombudsman Institute of Ethiopia disclosed. In a sensational disclosure, he said that 2,146 students and 1,700 teachers have been massacred in two years. Such a massacre does not happen even in big wars, which is happening to the Tigray community. The report, released on May 25, 2023, made several sensational revelations that six months after the Pretoria Agreement expired, more than 2.8 million Tigranes have been displaced from their homes.

The findings came a week after mass protests by internally displaced persons and residents of Tigray demanding the withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara forces occupying parts of Tigray.

Officials from the Tigray Interim Administration said that as long as these troops remain, internally displaced persons cannot return to their former livelihoods – including schools torn apart after the conflict.


One million of the 2.8 million internally displaced people are from northwestern Tigray, which is reportedly under the control of Eritrean and Amhara forces.

However, even near the regional capital Mekelle, more than 419,000 internally displaced persons live, as well as 299,000 in central Tigray, 256,000 in eastern Tigray, 195,000 in the southwest and more than 45,000 in the south.

The scenario in Tigray, Ethiopia is complex and evolving, and it’s miles important to approach it with sensitivity and attention for the safety and nicely-being of all groups concerned. Resolving the struggle and making sure the protection of civilians requires a complete approach involving more than one stakeholders. While I can provide a few trendy tips, it is critical to be aware that the specific steps and techniques will require the involvement of global bodies, regional actors, and the parties at once worried.



International Diplomacy:

Engage in diplomatic efforts to encourage all parties involved, along with Eritrea, Amhara forces, and the Ethiopian authorities, to prioritize the safety of civilians and appreciate human rights. This may want to contain diplomatic negotiations, stress from global organizations, and engaging with local powers to discover a peaceful decision.


Humanitarian Aid:

Increase humanitarian useful resource to the affected areas, such as Tigray, to deal with the pressing desires of the populace, along with food, healthcare, and shelter. This assist can assist alleviate the suffering of the Tigrayan network and create an environment conducive to discussions and negotiations.



Independent Investigation:

Advocate for an unbiased and unbiased investigation into the allegations of human rights abuses and battle crimes committed in Tigray. The findings of such investigations can boost focus, hold perpetrators responsible, and contribute to the overall decision of the conflict.


Mediation and Conflict Resolution:

Encourage the involvement of neutral 1/3-birthday party mediators or worldwide groups experienced in warfare decision to facilitate talk and negotiation between the events worried. The aim have to be to establish a sustainable ceasefire and a framework for addressing the underlying problems that caused the war.



Regional Involvement:

Seek the engagement and aid of neighboring international locations and regional our bodies which includes the African Union, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), or the United Nations Security Council. Regional actors can play a vital function in pressuring the events to attain a non violent resolution and contributing to the stability of the area.


Civil Society and Community Engagement:

Support and empower nearby civil society businesses and network leaders who can make a contribution to peacebuilding efforts. Encourage communicate and reconciliation projects that involve representatives from all communities suffering from the battle, fostering information and agree with-building.



Media and Advocacy:

Raise attention approximately the continued crisis in Tigray via media insurance, social media campaigns, and advocacy efforts. Putting worldwide stress at the parties worried can assist push for a decision and ensure the safety of the Tigrayan network.

It’s crucial to apprehend that those hints are preferred and might want to be tailor-made primarily based at the evolving scenario. The involvement of key stakeholders, which includes the Ethiopian authorities, Eritrea, Amhara forces, and the Tigrayan community, is vital in locating a sustainable solution that addresses the concerns and aspirations of all events worried.

Eritrean and Amhara forces torture the Tigray community in this way

  • Mass Killings:
  • Sexual Violence:
  • Forced Displacement:
  • Destruction of Infrastructure:
  • Destruction of Infrastructure:
  • Blockade and Restrictions:

There have been severa reviews and allegations of human rights abuses and atrocities committed by means of each Eritrean and Amhara forces against the Tigray community in Ethiopia. While I can provide a quick review, it is vital to notice that the scenario is complicated, and impartial investigations are still ongoing. Here are some of the stated atrocities:

Mass Killings: There have been reviews of mass killings, extrajudicial executions, and focused killings of Tigrayan civilians, together with girls, kids, and the aged. These acts of violence have led to a considerable lack of life and have had a devastating impact on the Tigrayan community.

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Sexual Violence: There were sizeable reviews of sexual violence, inclusive of rape and sexual attack, committed towards Tigrayan girls and ladies. These acts of gender-based totally violence have been used as a weapon of struggle, inflicting mammoth physical and mental trauma to the sufferers.


Forced Displacement: Tens of hundreds of Tigrayan civilians were forcibly displaced from their homes, with reports of sizeable looting, destruction of belongings, and burning of villages. This has brought about a humanitarian disaster, with many Tigrayans becoming internally displaced people (IDPs) or looking for refuge in neighboring areas or international locations.



Destruction of Infrastructure: There were reviews of focused assaults on infrastructure, along with hospitals, faculties, and cultural historical past sites. This destruction has similarly exacerbated the humanitarian disaster in Tigray, restricting get entry to to important services and hindering the delivery of humanitarian resource.


Blockade and Restrictions: There had been allegations of a blockade and restrictions on humanitarian access to Tigray, restricting the delivery of vital useful resource and exacerbating the already dire humanitarian scenario. This has hindered efforts to provide meals, healthcare, and different vital services to the affected population.



It’s important to emphasise that these are allegations, and impartial investigations are essential to set up the records and hold accountable the ones liable for any atrocities committed. The facts to be had is based on reports from numerous resources, which includes human rights companies, global media, and eyewitness memories.


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