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Tigray Massacre: Twitter Deaf, World Dumb, UN Silent?



Tigray Massacre: Twitter Deaf, World Dumb, UN Silent?

For the last few years, the Tigray tribe of Ethiopia is being tortured relentlessly. Many incidents of rape on women have come to the fore. Many people have been put to death. In which children, old people are also included. The oppression on the Tigray community is not taking the name of stopping.

Twitter for the Tigray Community Deaf :

Let us tell you that ever since the genocide of Tigray community started in Ethiopia, many social activists, journalists including common people are tweeting on evidence, news, and situation on Twitter. But despite lakhs of tweets, no one seems ready to listen to the voice. This is where immediate action is taken on tweets of atrocities on one or two people on Twitter. But everyone seems deaf to the dangerous atrocities on the Tigray community.

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Whole world mute on Tigray massacre

Today, the whole world is watching with open eyes the oppression, atrocities, rape, genocide happening on the Tigray community, despite this all the countries are looking dumb, it seems as if they are trying to speak, but are unable to speak. Have been The tongue is not opening, everyone is busy in their own politics. Some are worried about Ukraine, some are worried about Russia, some are eyeing Erdogan, while some are enjoying Pakistan. But no one is ready to speak on Tigray community.


UN silence on the atrocities on Tigray community?

International organizations like United Nations, Human Rights are all being accused of being silent. The silence of international organizations on the genocide of the Tigray community is causing more trouble to the Tigray community. According to the information received by the locals on social media, all the international organizations are sitting silent, many organizations are watching the spectacle.

Many people also say that the inhuman atrocities on the Tigray community were condemned by the United Nations and asked to maintain peace. But now the question arises that why the talk of United Nations did not have even an iota of effect? Have those who oppressed innocent people now started putting the talks of United Nations in the dustbin?

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Tigray Massacre: Twitter Deaf, World Dumb, UN Silent?

How should the UN intervene to stop the oppression of the Tigray community?

The situation in Tigray is a complex and sensitive issue that requires careful consideration. As an AI language model, I can provide you with some general suggestions on how the United Nations (UN) could potentially intervene to address the oppression of the Tigray community. However, it’s important to note that specific actions would depend on the geopolitical dynamics, available resources, and the consent of involved parties. Here are a few possible ways the UN could intervene:


01. Humanitarian Assistance:

The UN can coordinate and provide urgent humanitarian aid to address the immediate needs of the affected population, including food, medical supplies, and shelter. This would require ensuring safe and unimpeded access to humanitarian agencies in the region.



02. Peace Negotiations:

The UN could facilitate diplomatic efforts and act as a mediator to initiate dialogue between conflicting parties. This could help promote a peaceful resolution to the conflict and address the underlying grievances.


03. Deployment of Peacekeeping Forces:

If the situation requires it, the UN may consider deploying peacekeeping forces to help stabilize the region, protect civilians, and support the implementation of a ceasefire agreement.



04. Fact-Finding Mission:

The UN could establish a fact-finding mission or commission of inquiry to investigate allegations of human rights abuses and hold perpetrators accountable. This would require cooperation from all parties involved.


05 Diplomatic Pressure:

The UN, through its member states, can exert diplomatic pressure on relevant actors to cease hostilities, respect human rights, and engage in peaceful negotiations. This can involve imposing sanctions or other measures to encourage compliance.



06. Engagement with Regional Organizations:

The UN can collaborate with regional organizations, such as the African Union (AU) or the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), to coordinate efforts and leverage regional expertise in resolving the conflict.




It’s important to recognize that each situation is unique, and the specific approach to intervention must be tailored to the context and dynamics on the ground. The UN’s actions should be guided by principles of respect for human rights, international law, and the consent of the parties involved. Ultimately, the effectiveness of any intervention relies on the cooperation and commitment of all stakeholders in finding a sustainable solution.

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