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What is live in relationship? how to understand it



What is live in relationship ।। how to understand it

What is live in relationship?

Friends, today we will understand closely, what is live-in relationship, its advantages, disadvantages, Indian culture and Islam, we will understand everything closely, so stay tuned with us till the end.
The game of flouting the honor of your born parents in a hotel room is called live in relationship,
Live-in relationship is the name of burying beautiful family relationships like grandparents, maternal grandparents, maternal uncle, maternal uncle, maternal uncle, maternal uncle, paternal aunt.
The crime of throwing children in the dustbin as soon as they are born, or killing them in the womb itself, is called live-in relationship.
To extinguish the illegitimate fire of your body, the name of wiring your own pride is live in relationship.
Live in relationship is the name of a young girl sleeping under a boy, and happily exploiting her, getting her raped

Now know the disadvantages of live in relationship.

When a girl meets a boy in public for a few weeks, months or years, then he will not go to the courtesan. Means he will use the girl living in live-in as a courtesan.
In a live-in relationship, women suffer more losses than men, when a man’s heart is full, the other starts coming closer, then all his work is done, some slit the throat, some cut it into pieces and keep it in the fridge, some strangles,
Lost the respect of parents, lost the respect of myself, lost my life all over the world, 5 minutes of fun, ruined my whole life.
Where did all this come from, it came from the West, it is neither the culture of any religion, nor Indian culture, nor a sign of a civilized society, hundred and fifty years ago people had neither food to eat nor clothes to wear. Used to wear it but used to cover the body completely, today I had fun after eating, there is a lot of cloth but there are less people to wear it.

Now know the benefits of live in relationship.

Brother, what to talk about benefits, hotel room, fun only fun, no mother-in-law’s kitkit, no sister-in-law’s tension, no brother-in-law’s attitude, no brother-in-law’s order, same work day and night, just beaten, 10-15 years in doing like this Time passes, in the meantime if a child is born, he will live in an orphanage, and himself will spend his old age in an old age home, there will be no relatives in the funeral, no sons and daughters in old age, no marriage, no mourning in the house, that’s it. Life is over
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