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What is the best sandwich maker in India?



What is the best sandwich maker in India?
Sandwich makers have recently gained popularity due to how convenient and easy they are to use. With the many models available in the market, it is easy to get confused when choosing the best sandwich toasters. Here are some helpful tips to look out for when choosing the type of toaster to buy online:

Size and portability
Regardless of how often or infrequently you may use the sandwich maker, it’s important to note its size and how easy it is to store when not in use. Avoid bulky and heavier models that can take up more space in your kitchen than necessary.

Modes and Uses
The sandwich maker comes with different plates depending on the type of sandwich you want to make. Some have built-in grill plates and some come with replaceable plates. Some also have special deeper plates that allow you to add more filling to your sandwich, making it extra delicious without the mess spilling over the sides. If you’re looking for a specialty sandwich maker, the Prestige Deep Plate Sandwich Maker offers this feature.

Easy to clean
The best thing about choosing convenient appliances is the fact that they speed up our work in the kitchen. So it’s best if we also notice how easy it is to clean the sandwich toaster once we’re done with it. Ideally, we should choose a sandwich maker with non-stick plates. Because of this, it will need less oil to coat the surface and aid in cooking. This makes it a relatively healthier option.
Warranty and lifetime
Considering how often you might use them, build quality and sturdiness are also important when looking for a sandwich maker. It is better to choose one with die-cast aluminum plates and a warranty to help you make the best value for money decision when buying.


Prestige PGMFB
The Prestige Deep Plate Sandwich Toaster PGDP 01 & PSDP 01 also comes with several other useful features such as a heat resistant body for safety and power indicators to let you know when the sandwich is ready to be removed.
What is the best sandwich maker in India?

So whether you’re a working professional, someone with a busy lifestyle, or even someone who loves a good crispy sandwich, keep these recommendations in mind when shopping for a toaster online.

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