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Who were the most intellectual leaders in history



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Who were the most intellectual leaders in history?
Fatih Sultan Mehmet II of the Ottoman dynasty, Caesar of the Roman Empire, Sultan of two lands and Khan of two seas.
Today he is best known for the conquest of Constantinople, but he was also a great intellectual of his time.
It’s hard to fathom the intelligence of someone who lived over 500 years ago. But based on what we know about him, we can say that he could think incredibly fast, he had an incredible memory, he could understand and even predict situations with limited information, and he was able to digest information faster than most great intellectuals.
Who were the most intellectual leaders in history

He learned Arabic from an imam, Persian from his father, Serbian from his adoptive mother, and Greek and Latin from ancient literature. So at the age of 21 he could speak Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Serbian, Greek and Latin. He later learned several Balkan dialects and languages.

He memorized the Koran and the Bible and impressed imams and priests with his knowledge of theology. He even had more knowledge of Christian theology than the Patriarch of Constantinople based on their debates.
He memorized his father’s siege of Constantinople from when he was a child and used it to expose the mistakes.
He perfected siege technology and invented a new cannon which he used to break the walls of Theodosia.
He understood naval techniques better than his admiral through books and without ever commanding a fleet.
I know of no world leader who comes close to his intelligence.
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