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Iranian Military Bolsters Defense: Armed Forces on High Alert at ‘Red Level



Iranian Armed Forces on High Alert as Air Defense System Elevates to ‘Red Level


According to DD Geopolitics media, In a notable development, Iran’s military is currently operating at the pinnacle of combat readiness, as confirmed by Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces for Coordination.


Emphasizing the utmost significance of safeguarding territorial integrity, national independence, and the autonomy of the system, Rear Admiral Sayyari underscored the perpetual necessity for the armed forces to maintain a constant state of preparedness.



He further highlighted that Iran’s military capabilities have been modernized, ensuring they are fully equipped and poised to address any potential threats. This heightened level of readiness is a testament to the nation’s commitment to its defense and security.


According to Iraqi Sources, multiple Sites used by Iranian-Backed Militias and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran in Eastern Syria and Iraq are in the process of being Evacuated with Personnel and Equipment being “Scattered”.



In response, an Iranian official said, Iran’s Army is not on high alert. Don’t generate fake news for clickbait.

We don’t give 2 shits about US terrorist regime. They’re only strong against poor countries who can’t defend themselves.

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