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What books should we consider before buying any land ?



What books should we consider before buying any land?

What books should we consider before buying any land?

Once you have decided to purchase the site, make sure you have all the documents in place. Without this, your purchase will be delayed. Having all the legal documents will help protect your land and your home from any future disputes. Contact an attorney to help you with all the steps of the writing process.
Most of the required documents can be divided into two types – official and personal.
Legal documents: These documents are important, and the loss of even one of these may result in a delay in purchase.
They include: –
Mother’s Deed: This is taken from the seller. Mother Deed is an important manual for determining property ownership. It traces a series of land titles and provides information about building history.
Deed of Deed: A Deed of Sale records the transfer of ownership of land from the seller to the buyer. You can get it certified at the registration office below.
Power of Attorney (POA): If the seller of the land is not the owner, it must be the Power of Attorney authorizing him to sell the property. Always check the Power of Attorney when buying from any seller.
Encumbrance Certificate: The Encumbrance Certificate lists all transactions related to the land. It serves as proof that the land you are buying has no financial or legal obligations. It is obtained from the office of the junior secretary where the land is registered.
Katha Certificate: Khata certificate is required to obtain a building license. Contains details of location such as location, size, built-in location etc. and is required to pay property taxes and to obtain a building license. Available from Assistant Revenue Officer.
Land Clearance: If you wish to convert agricultural land into non-agricultural land this certificate is very important.
Rights Record Certificate (ROR): Obtained from Tessildar’s office
Personal documents: Personal documents are for verification purposes only: Aadhar, Voter ID card and PAN card.
Things to remember:
If the seller is not the owner, check the ‘power of attorney’ document.
To make sure the seller’s quotes are accurate, get a survey of the land from the Inspection Department.
If there are more than one owner, make sure you get a ‘release certificate’ from all owners.
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