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Sushant Singh Rajput death | Mystery shrouds probe by central agencies



Sushant Singh Rajput death | Mystery shrouds probe by central agencies

Sushant Singh Rajput death | Mystery shrouds probe by central agencies

On June 14, the decree of the President of the Republic a year since 34-year-old Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, passed away in his Bandra apartment has seen political parties trying to get behind these events, and in turn has led to the three national bodies of the Central Bureau (CBI), the Director of Enforcement (ED) and the Bureau of Drug Control (NCB), the mission has begun. But none of the agencies have made specific statements about the Rajput’s death. 

Mumbai police registered an accident report in the case said he died by suicide. After his death, Mumbai Police spokesman and Deputy Police Commissioner Pranay Ashok said, ” He died by suicide. Mumbai Police are investigating. The police haven’t found a suicide note yet.” 

But 14 days later, on June 28, 2020, his father, an actor, registered a FIR tree in Patna, saying that they, six people, including actor Ray Chakraborty, and members of his family, assisted and assisted suicide Rajput. The actor’s father stated in his complaint that 15 crore was transferred to his son’s account, at the expense of any bank that he (Sushant) associated with him. 

A GRAND jury in Bihar has seen a SAD record of cases on July 31, 2020 to launch an investigation into alleged money laundering. Meanwhile, the Bihar Police team on the internet to investigate the case, did not find any cooperation from the Mumbai Police, which is in this case. Mumbai Police do not cooperate with the Communists, the police, and they do, it is against the norms to register firs in Bihar, even if these (Mumbai Police) conducted a study. 

The reason: A political scandal, after which the Bihar government referred the case to the CBI. On August 6, 2020, the CBI registration FIR v. Mr, Ms, Arts and Others launched an investigation. 
A team of CBD officials, set up camp now and foot the testimonies of many people, path, fell into the actor’s home and recreated on stage, and improved at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences to submit for a forensic report. 


Meanwhile, ED, who is leading the money laundering investigation, is identifying active drugs in mobile data transmission that were recovered during the study. 
Mostly, the letters are found to be used for research. After 10 months of investigation, NCB Zonal Director Samir Wankhede told the Hindu: “We arrested 35 accused arrested pounds (7 kg) of drug, 35 lakhs and a certain amount in foreign currency. The investigation into Sushant Singh’s murder is still ongoing.” 

Representatives of the CBI said that the investigation of the case is ongoing. “We are investigating all possible leads,” said a senior CBI officer who requested anonymity. 
ED Director S. K. Mishra did not return phone calls or texts. 
General Counsel Vikas Singh, apparently a Rajput family member, says: “I don’t blame the investigating authorities of the prosecutor’s office, and not for saving him, until now, because there are many secrets related to his death. All this happens indoors. The family must be patient and wait for justice.”

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