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At a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden’s foreign policy was tested



At a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden's foreign policy was tested

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At a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden’s foreign policy was tested 
FOR FOUR years America’s relationship with Russia was a perfect example of Trump-era distraction:

c-Russian relations are a very good example of that time, a distraction: it was dangerous to secretly have a long, long political storm. Donald Trump, his critics and the press-all of this together, in general, precisely reduces the complexity and importance of bilateral relations to prevent the mysterious love between him and Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister. 

– President Joe Biden is facing an even bigger challenge, part of a multi-year struggle between democracy and autocracy, represented by Russia, but mostly in China. He narrates the two countries as part of an audience to showcase the unification of the G-7, NATO, and the European Union over the past few days, prior to his meeting with Vladimir Putin on June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland. 

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1 Comment

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