Excellent 3-D journey within the cancer cell ...
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Excellent 3-D journey within the cancer cell



Excellent 3-D journey within the cancer cell

Excellent 3-D journey within the cancer cell
Despite the emotional number of cancer and the tremendous financial effort of cancer research, it is still very rare to see this disease in its primary form. This short clip shows it. The GIF was created with a compilation of still images, each of which captured a different layer of cancer cells.

For some special cameras a cell can be examined in detail even though it is thick. In a process called Z stacking, scientists take photographs of their subject, whether it is a particle or a little pollen, and select a series of different focal points for each image. When viewed chronologically, images depict the content and shape of the subject.

Dylan T. at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Edited and edited by Burnett and Aidan M. Phoenix, this GIF exposes many cell components. The egg-shaped silhouette is the nucleus or control center, which infects DNA. The vertical traces on the left side of the nucleus are the Golgi apparatus, which packs proteins and sends them to their destination. There are protein threads that criss cross and encase the whole cell. Some are chains of the same protein, while others bind to two molecules. These strands hold the cell externally and compress it to a new shape.

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