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What is the truth about Turkey exporting “gunpowder” and weapons to the Israeli occupation?



Official bodies in Turkey have commented on reports of the export of “gunpowder” and weapons to the Israeli occupation.

In response to questions about the fact that weapons and “gunpowder” were exported to the occupation, the head of Istanbul’s ruling Justice and Development Party, Osman Nuri Kabbak Tbih, said the news was not true.



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Kabak Tabibeh, during a Suhoor banquet held by the party for businessmen and political and academic figures from the Arab community, attended by “Arabi21”, he said that those who export to Israel are private companies that have nothing to do with the Turkish state.



However, the Turkish government is pressing these companies to reduce export levels, he said, adding that the export of some products have already been banned.


Kabak Tbeh explained that the word “gunpowder” circulated in the lists of Turkish goods exported to the Israeli occupation was interpreted inaccurately, as all goods related to fireworks and other flaming materials are classified under the “powder” item in the tariff lists.



The official in Turkey’s ruling party rejected accusations against his country of “inaction,” saying the head of state (President Recep Tayyip Erdogan), explicitly and strongly rejected the condemnation of Hamas, a position that many do not dare to take, he said.


“Only we will not be able to stop these halteries, and we support Gaza at the political and economic level, in addition to the aid, we are still providing, and we will provide more during the next phase,” he said.



Kabak Tebeh pointed out that a percentage of goods exported to the Israeli occupation, mainly directed towards Palestinians inside, but they are restricted in official records that they are going to Israel.


Confirmation of negation


The AKP official’s remarks coincided with a statement issued by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday, in which it categorically denied Turkey’s export of weapons and ammunition to the Israeli occupation.


A day after the Defense Ministry was denied, the Commerce Ministry said the allegations were “unfounded,” stressing that “it is not possible in any way to allow the export of weapons or ammunition from Turkey to Israel.”



“The phrases in the headlines of the tariff schedule, are deliberately manipulated and transmitted to the media, and the news published in this direction is malicious and fabricated,” she added.


“There are no military activities between our country and Israel, including military training and exercises or cooperation in the defense industries,” she added.



The ministry stressed that Turkey continues to stand by Palestine and the Palestinian cause and continues to support it.


She added that Turkey will continue to seek to provide all forms of assistance and support to the Palestinians in Gaza and through all channels.



She expressed her expectation to implement the UN Security Council ceasefire resolution as soon as possible.

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